first-impressionsThey say you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. In the business of technology support, many in our industry don’t think about how important that first impression is to the long term success of their business.

Nick Paras is one of those people who gives a great first impression. Last week we were in Tampa, FL working with Nick, our new partner at Alpha Computing Solutions. We first met Nick at our Fall Partner Meeting in Nashua, NH last month. He came across as professional, approachable and eager to work hard. I’m happy to say that after spending several days working closely with him, he lives up to the great first impression he gives.

While in Tampa, Rayanne Buchianico from ABC Solutions invited us to speak to the Tampa IT Pros User Group. I was happy to talk to the group about the business of IT, Managed Services, Cloud and whatever else they were interested in discussing. As the members of the group filed in, we realized quickly it was a very casual, relaxed and friendly setting with no set agenda. What made me think about writing this post was not so much the casual attire worn or the relaxed atmosphere.  It was about the individual first impressions everyone made.  In particular the business cards they handed us. One especially stood out, and not in the best of ways. This business card is “handmade” from a MS Word Template and is printed on OfficeMax card stock. What made it even worse was the company name. If you saw it you would never guess the business was IT related in any way.

For those of you who know from working with me and talking to me, I strongly believe if your business card looks like crap it doesn’t matter how good your services are. When you meet someone new in business they will immediately judge you on a few things.  Most importantly will be how you present yourself though your appearance and your business card. As consultants, we not only work with our partners on their dress and grooming, but we can do something to improve their business cards and other marketing materials. With the help of the graphic design team at D’Agostino Design, we have been able to redesign logos, business cards and much more to give our partners a more professional first impression.

If you want to make a better first impression with your business card, marketing materials or your company as a whole, drop us a line or give us a call. We are here to help you make the most out of your business each and every day.

All the best in success,


2 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Stu, great post…this is something we always try to make our clients understand. Here is something to add. Have your designer get a great business card done up for you. One that clearly shares exactly what you do. Keep vendor logos off and put what local associations you belong too. Much better.

    Here is the tip…Business cards are cheap. We use http:/// Less that $25 for 500 or so business cards with rounded corners.

    Check them out…

    Stuart Crawford
    MSP Marketing Consultant

    PS – After your business card…your website is the next critical part of your branding…get a good one that is unique to you.


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