the-most-exhilarating-achievement-is-breaking-a-bad-habitDo you think that people can truly change their bad habits? Usually not, unless there are significant consequences in not changing. I had a number of bad habits that I had to break, which I did.

Many who know me, know that I have had a few falling outs over the years. But in more recent years, since changing a lot of my bad habits, I have worked hard not to offend or have “falling outs” with anyone. Sometimes a falling out still happens because one party refused to listen to the other side.  As my dad always says, “it takes two to tango.”

Recently, someone who I had a falling out with, sadly multiple falling outs, began subtly reaching out to me. First he commented on some twitter posts I made, then his staff looked me up on LinkedIn and most recently he attempted to connect with me on Skype.

Based upon how clearly he had indicated he wanted no further contact with me, I found this very surprising. So, I sent an email asking why he was trying to make contact me. The email response was short and to the point stating, “time heals all wounds”. I thought about his approach to the whole situation and made the decision not to respond.  I mean, my phone number and email address haven’t changed so if he really wanted to patch things up, why beat around the bush about it?

Furthermore, and without going into a long explanation, I compare this relationship to Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. charlie-brown-lucy-moves-the-football-againPoor old gullible Charlie Brown always thinks Lucy will hold the ball for him to kick and every time at the last minute, she pulls it out and he falls to the ground. Rather than playing Charlie Brown to his Lucy, I chose not to pursue it any further. If he truly feels “time heals all wounds” maybe he will be more direct in his actions and call or email me.  Either way, I harbor no ill will.

I know we all have things that we would like to change about ourselves. I guess the best way to start to change them is to make the decision to change first. Then make small improvements and stick with it.

2017 is a new year. Let’s all work to make this world a little better for ourselves, our families, our clients and one another. As Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of her show each day, “Be kind to one another.”

All the best,


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