giving-back-to-the-communityAs business owners, many of us work on giving back to our community or to charities. I know because I do this with my team at Infratactix. We did some giving back last fall and winter with our 1st annual Thanksgiving dinner for Veterans and a Coat Drive for those in need. Both events were such great successes that we are planning to do them again in 2017.

But how can we do more during the rest of 2017?

First things first, take care of “family”. When I talk about family, I am not just talking about those related to you. I am talking about your staff, your clients and others who are close to you. There are some relationships where I feel good friends are closer than blood relatives. I also believe that the staff who works in the trenches every day to take care of the clients sometimes don’t get enough credit. So make sure to look out for those who take care of you.

Secondly, and to me, this is very personal, consider giving to a charitable organization. I am on the Executive Leadership Team of the March of Dimes of Wisconsin. This charity works tirelessly to, “help give every baby a fighting chance”. They work to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. I have some very close friends whose daughter was born prematurely, so this charity is very close to my heart. To help this amazing charity we have put together a team to walk in the March for Babies in May. I ask for your help in donating $5, $10, $25, $100 or anything that you are able so that we can help the March of Dimes continue their work.

Lastly, I challenge all of you who read this to give back to your community in some way. Whether it is volunteering or raising money, do something, get involved. The more people that get involved to do, the more that will get done.

Here’s to you, your family and those that you will help in 2017.

All the best,


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