customer-centricThis past week I was at the Infratactix office in Madison. I went there, as always, with an agenda. The plan was to see as many of our current clients as possible to review their contracts and sign many to new agreements for 2017, with the proper technology and an upgrade of support services.

The conversations we had were very engaging and we came away with a ton of up sell opportunities with our current client base. The thing I kept hearing, which really didn’t surprise me, was the feedback or “love” that Don and I received from our clients. This especially came from one of our construction industry clients who has grown exponentially in the last year.

The story with this particular client started when I came on-board with Infratactix in August. We had a sit down to understand their needs, business and where they were headed. I must tell you this first meeting was a little, let’s say uncomfortable because the feedback wasn’t as good as I was hoping, having just taken over the reins.  However, this client has allowed us to clean up the mess caused by former employees and provide the service that not only the company promised but me as well.

As indicated, this client is still with us and now one of our very best clients. One of the greatest things about the relationship we have with them, and many of our clients, is that they buy everything from us; from cloud and managed services to VoIP and internet circuits. There isn’t anything that they do not run through Infratactix. This is the kind of relationship we want with all of our clients.

One day this past week, the COO of this client invited me out to dinner.  I said yes, of course, I love dinner and have really been enjoying the conversations I have with him. At dinner, we talked about our work, past businesses, our careers, our families and finally to our take on customer service. To my delight, he shared that we exceed their expectations each day through the service we provide. During this part of the conversation we chuckled a bit about how often the term “service” is used by companies without ever putting the client or customer first. I said, “that is the difference between Infratactix and the other guys. As the guy at the top, it is my responsibility and JOB to make sure you, as our client, have the solutions that will propel your business to where you want it to go, not where we think it should be.” He agreed with me, stating that Don and I are their advisors. I dislike the term trusted advisor but, in this case I will let it slide.   He added that they need and want us to advise them on the tools they should be using.

Throughout this dinner we shared some laughs and had a great discussion. I now feel the relationship I have with this client has been elevated to the point where I can honestly call them my friends. Remember, the business relationship you are building today may drive your business into a profitable tomorrow.

As I close this out I would like to say that when you put the customer before service to truly engage with them, everyone wins.

All the best,


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