Time FliesAs I get older, it seems that time goes by faster than it did just a few years ago. Today, May 18, 2017, Loree and I are celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary. For me, that is a huge milestone because I don’t know if I have ever stuck with anything for 10 years.

This month I am also marking another milestone. It has been a year since I stopped being a channel vendor. Let me tell you, the stress of building a company or running a channel program for a startup vendor is not something I would do again, anytime soon. While I could go on about all the things I experienced on the “dark” vendor side, I prefer to celebrate the what I learned through the experience and use it in my work with Infratactix.

As time continues to tick away, I cherish each moment I am on the top side of the dirt. These moments I cherish are not only in my life and marriage with Loree but also with my career. It has almost been a year since I began the job as President / COO of Infratactix. I admit even though there are stressful days, I have never enjoyed my work more than I do now.

Closing out this post, I want to remind you all that while we may not be able to stop the clock, we must make the choice to enjoy the time that we have. Appreciate one another and live life on the terms you set.

All the best in success,


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